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Custodian services

IBOX BANK has been operating in the stock market of Ukraine since 2005. We guarantee professionalism, quality and quick service. As a Custodian Bank offers flexible and convenient tariffs from custody service, which don't provide monthly fee.

The Bank has the following licenses:

  • Implementation Professional license for activity on the stock market - depozytarnoy activity, namely depository activities depozytarnoy Uchrezhdenie, Series AE №263218 date vыdachy Manuscript 08/20/2013, 12/10/2013 Valid time with unlimited Manuscript.
  • Implementation Professional license for activity on the stock market - depozytarnoy activity, namely activity on storage assets ynstytutov sovmestnoho of investment, Series AE №263219, vыdachy date 08/20/2013 Manuscript, 10.12.2013 Valid time with unlimited Manuscript.

List of Custodian's services:

  • opening securities account
  • custody of securities both in certified and uncertified forms of issue
  • immobilization of certified securities for their further circulation in electronic form
  • securities materialization
  • charging (blocking) of the securities on account by client's order
  • reregestration of property rights to securities by client's order
  • informating depositors concerning securities balance
  • receipt of profit from securities with its further transfer accounts of securities owners
  • providing securities owners with reports about their balance and activity of securities account within any period of time requested
  • custodian services for collective investment schemes (custody of securities, servicing of asset deal, reporting confirmation)
  • servicing of corporate operations of securities emitent, including dematerialization of securities (opening accounts for investors, distribution of issue and custody of securities on accounts of owners)
  • provision of performance of contracts with monetary arrangement according to the principle of " securities delivery versus payment "
  • servicing of operations with government securities
  • provision of professional consulting services concerning all issues about custody business

Bank guarantees:

  • opening accounts and servicing of securities business of clients in exact accordance with legislative and regulatory requirements
  • full, clear and timely fulfilment of the terms of the contract for opening and servicing securities accounts and orders of clients
  • timely and accurate display of client's orders in the accounting system to perform operations;
  • responsible custody of client's securities, which guarantees their protection from damage and loss;
  • prevention of inappropriate utilization of client's assets
  • timely transfer of securities gain to the client
  • quick reregistration and delivery of securities
  • full and timely informing of clients about corporate activites of emitents
  • non-disclosure of information about clients, their securities and operations

Tariffs for Custodian services of IBOX BANK:

The customer depository institutions IBOX BANK!
The Tariff Committee of the Bank approved new tariffs for depository institutions.

Tariffs for custody services to resident legal entities (292.31 Kb)

Tariffs for the issuer (296.78 Kb)

Emitent pays Custodian for custody of dematerialized issue on accounts of securities owners prior to addressing of the last owner to the Custodian and his provision of all necessary documents for maintenance and managment of securities account.

To perform other operations JSC IBOX BANK and Depositor enter into an additional agreement, where Parties agree about the cost of operations.

Tariffs for custody services for non-resident legal entities (335.8 Kb)

Tariffs for custody services to collective investment institutions (317.97 Kb)

Tariffs for custody services for individuals resident (365.52 Kb)

Tariffs for custody services for non-resident individuals (291.08 Kb)

Tariffs are calculated excluding VAT. The specified services are not subject to tax on the grounds of p. 3.2.1. of article 3 of the Act of Ukraine "On Value Added Tax " No. 158-97-ВР dd. 03.04.1997. To perform other operations JSC IBOX BANK and Depositor enter into an additional agreement, where Parties agree about the cost of operations.

Service Contract securities accounts for legal entities (369.2 Kb)

Department of Securities, Equity and Licensing: tel. (044) 205-41-95, (044) 205-41-80