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SWIFT international payments

You need to transfer funds abroad to the account of a person or entity? Take advantage of the currency transfer through correspondent accounts under SWIFT system. It is possible to transfer money with or without opening an account.

To transfer money using SWIFT system you need:
  • a passport and a document issued by the state tax service confirming their registration with the State Register of Individuals - Taxpayers (in case, where you need to open an account for transfer)
  • indicate the exact details of the recipient - name of the bank beneficiary, location, bank SWIFT-code, account number and other
  • receive transfer reference number
* If you are the resident of Ukraine you should also have documents to prove the origin of the currency in Ukraine

In order to receive the transfer from abroad in an amount not exceeding UAH 50 000.00, it is not mandatory to open an account, u just need to apply with your passport to any IBOX BANK branch.

Transfer amounts on the current account are not limited.

It is used for transferring foreign currency or bank precious metals to individuals not involved in entrepreneurial activities within the territory of Ukraine and abroad from the client's current account.