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Loans for AIC

Income in agricultural industry is a matter of seasonality. However, in any events there are questions of different degree of complexity every day: from purchase of fertilizers and payment of salaries to construction of elevators and business development in general.

That is why, IBOX BANK offers you several loan programs:

For working capital financing – this program is aimed at financing of working capital, specifically purchase of fertilizers and cattle, repair of equipment and payment of salaries.

For implementation of investment projects – the program is aimed at financing of investment projects based on construction of main funds, such as elevators, warehouses etc, as well as purchase of equipment for establishment of this property.

For purchase of agricultural equipment – loan program for purchasing of equipment of foreign, domestic production and CIS countries.

Advantages of financing from IBOX BANK:

  • flexible complex approach to pledge – different variants are considered
  • individual schedule for repayment of the main loan debt – adjustment of the amount of repayment of obligations to the bank in the most convenient way for business operations
  • possibility of multiple selection and repayment of loan funds within loan limit

Loan parameters For working capital financing For implementation of investment projects For purchase of agricultural equipment
Loan amount from 50,000.00 UAH from 500,000.00 UAH from 50,000.00 UAH
Loan term up to 1 year or prior to sales proceeds up to 5 years up to 3 years
Interest rate from 24.99% from 24.99% 23.99%
Advance installment from 30.00%
Pledge  liquid agricultural equipment , owner's guarantee, the real estate and other liquid property of a borrower or third parties
Form of loan loan/ non-revolving loan facility